What We Can Do for You

Sage Horse Coaching is all about helping you to see, believe, and achieve the outcomes you desire. I do this through several programs designed to creatively explore how best to help you. Of course, each is tailored to you as we get to know each other.


Rediscovering Your Inner Wisdom

We are all wise. We started out that way. Then life happens and we sometimes loose sight of our wisdom. No worries, you can rediscover it. I’ll show you how.


Life Transitions

We all experience transitions in our personal and professional lives. Sometimes they just happen and other times we feel drawn to them. Like all good journeys, it’s best to understand the path and own the outcome. It’s easier that way.


Leadership Development

No matter what we do all day, someone looks to us for leadership. Sometimes we want it and other times it appears that we got appointed to lead. In any case, the expectations have been set and we need to step up. It’s not hard and in reality quite fun.


Equine Connections Group

We experience lots of groups throughout our life. Usually it’s all about people getting together. Now throw in a horse and see what happens! You will love it.


Through the Eyes of the Horse

Horsemanship usually means riding, grooming, cleaning, and all that stuff that goes on at the stable. It can also mean seeing ourselves and the world through a very different set of eyes. The horse can see you. Let’s find out what they see.