Clients Say It Best!

img_testimonial-3“Marianne is an incredibly focused and empathetic coach, who does a great job holding space while her client works through tough stuff. She is very present and compassionate.”

Lorrin Maughan, Santa Fe New Mexico

“Marianne creates a safe space for her coaching clients that lets them know that no matter how much life is rocking their boat, she is a rock that is steady, solid, supportive and ever-present. Her intuitive insights add a magic to the coaching experience and her compassion invites hearts to open.”

Dr. Emily Glidden, Charlottesville Virginia

“Marianne provided me with invaluable information about my three horses. One of them I was contemplating buying and for all of them I needed to know if they were interested in and willing to undergo a career change, adding the role of healing humans to their repertoire. Marianne asked the questions and received clear assents from two of them. Overall, the information validated what I sensed was true for each horse, gave me the confidence to trust my own intuition, and helped me to plan for the happy and productive future for each of them according to each one’s needs and preferences. It was a marvelously empowering experience.”

Dr. Martha Faraday, Virginia.